Putin and Xi Jinping: No to external interventions and to twisted schemes Joint statement-

Putin and Xi Jinping: No to external interventions and to twisted schemes Joint statement-

Newsbomb unveils the distinctive and strategic passages of the Joint Declaration of 25 points from leaders of Russia and China, signed during the meeting in Shanghai. Putin and Jinping will inspect today large naval exercises.

Here are the strengths of the new enhanced cooperation between Moscow and Beijing, who didn't fail to recall that are associated with a Friendship Agreement, providing mutual support in terms of sovereignty, territorial integrity and security.

"People's Republic of China and the Russian Federation, hereinafter referred to as the 'Parties' statement as follows:


Under the joint efforts of both sides firm, Sino-Russian relations have been upgraded to a new stage of comprehensive strategic partnership of the two sides will maintain high-level strategic mutual trust and deepen dialogue, improve the efficiency of existing bilateral cooperation mechanisms between governments, parliaments, local authorities and, if necessary, establish new cooperation mechanisms to ensure comprehensive and rapid development of pragmatic cooperation, cultural exchanges, and non-governmental exchanges to achieve greater results, closer coordination of diplomatic action which helps large-scale economic reforms in their respective countries and Russia successfully promote and enhance the welfare of the two peoples, both sides to improve the international status and influence to facilitate the establishment of a more just and equitable international order.

The two sides abide by the July 16, 2001, signed Neighborly Friendship and Cooperation Treaty, continue to firmly support each other on issues concerning the core interests of both countries to maintain sovereignty, territorial integrity, national security, etc. Both sides are opposed to any interference in a attempts and practices in the internal affairs of the firm to maintain basic principles of international law as established by the Charter, fully respect each other's choice of development path independently, maintaining the rights of their historical, cultural and moral values.

China and Russia will jointly organize the battlefield of World War II victory over Germany, Europe and Asia, fascism and Japanese militarism 70th anniversary celebrations continue resolutely oppose attempts to distort history and undermine the post-war international order.


The two sides will take new measures to improve the level of pragmatic cooperation, expand pragmatic cooperation:

Promote close collaboration in the field of Finance, including the expansion of the scale of Russia settled in local currency directly Sino-Russian trade, investment and lending, and strengthen exchanges in the field of macroeconomic policy,

Continue efforts to promote bilateral trade volume reached $ 100 billion in 2015, reaching $ 200 billion in 2020, the implementation of the Memorandum of Cooperation between the Chinese and Russian economic modernization in the field of government, to protect the trade balance, optimize trade structure, greatly increase mutual investment, included in the territory of the Russian transport infrastructure construction projects, comprehensive development of mineral resources, the construction of affordable housing,

Establishment of a comprehensive Sino-Russian energy partnership to further deepen cooperation in the oil sector package, start Russia's natural gas supply as soon as possible, in order to develop coal mines in Russia and the development of transport infrastructure and other ways to expand cooperation in the field of coal, actively study the construction of new generating facilities in Russia expand electricity exports to China.

Improve the efficiency of cooperation in high-tech fields, the peaceful use of nuclear energy cooperation, civil aviation, space-based technology research and space for earth observation, satellite navigation, deep space exploration and manned spaceflight and other areas of key projects.

Deepen scientific and technological exchanges, first ensure technology investment funds and on the other, the full innovation chain, to carry out joint research with effective protection of intellectual property rights on the basis of prospects.

Implementation of joint production of mutually beneficial projects in the pharmaceutical, medical equipment, chemicals, timber processing, shipbuilding, transportation, machinery manufacturing, non-ferrous metallurgy and other fields.

Expand agricultural cooperation, improving agricultural trade and investment conditions for agricultural production, to support agricultural enterprises of the two countries to cooperate.

Actively promote regional cooperation, expand cooperation areas and fields, improve regional cooperation mechanisms to promote regional exchanges to plan and periodic transition.

Accelerate the development of cross-border transport infrastructure, including the construction of the same river - yeah under Lie Ningsi wide and Heihe - Blagoveshchensk boundary river bridge, to improve Chinese goods through Russian railway network, the Far East and the North Channel port transit transport conditions.

Strengthen cultural exchanges and cultural cooperation between China and Russia focus on the implementation of the Action Plan 2014 and 2015 to ensure that young people friendly exchanges between the two countries to facilitate the event.

On the rational use and protection of transboundary water resources, water quality improvement of cross-border, prevention and rapid elimination of consequences of natural disasters, protection of biodiversity, such as the construction of cross-border nature reserve to continue its constructive cooperation.

Play a role in the border of the Joint Commission and other mechanisms, deepen cooperation in border matters, including joint border inspection carried out for the first time, the border river management and combating cross-border crime.

Both sides support the improvement of Sino-Russian prime ministers' regular meeting mechanism, including the establishment of China-Russia Cooperation Committee vice-premier level of investment, Sino-Russian economic cooperation projects with high-level strategic oversight of the Working Group, as well as specialized working groups in the field of energy.


The two sides agreed that in today's world, economic interdependence and cultural integration of the nations and peoples of the continuous strengthening of the international situation even more complicated, the contest intensified global competition, these factors largely influence the international agenda.

The two sides stressed that should respect each country's social and political systems historical heritage, cultural traditions and independent choice, values, development of roads and oppose interference in the internal affairs of abandon unilateral sanctions, as well as planning, supporting, financing or encouraging change his country's constitution system or absorb other countries the behavior of a group or join a multilateral alliance, maintaining the stability of international relations and regional and global peace and security, to defuse the crisis and disputes, the fight against terrorism and transnational crime, to prevent the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

The need to reform the international economic and financial system, the need to adapt to the real economy, increase the representation and voice of emerging markets and developing countries in global economic governance system, in order to revive confidence in the global economic governance system.

The two sides support the United Nations to play a central role in maintaining world peace and promoting common development, promote international cooperation, agreed that strengthening the central role of the UN in international affairs, and promote the Council fulfill its primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security, in line with the international community the common interests of both sides called on all United Nations Member States abide by the UN Charter and universally recognized norms of international law, does not allow any alteration or interpretation. Both sides support the Council's reasonable and necessary reforms, to better fulfill the Charter conferred duties in the United Nations Security Council within the framework of negotiations on the reform of government, reform should form a 'package' solution, and reach consensus. parties oppose artificial timelines and force a premature reform program approach.

Third, both sides stand to further strengthen the United Nations to play a central coordinating role in international terrorism, transnational organized crime, corruption, IT security threats and other combat all forms of criminal offenses.

Fourth, both sides stand to ensure space security, the peaceful use to prevent the weaponization of outer space, will continue its efforts to promote the Geneva Conference on Disarmament to start negotiations as soon as possible to prevent Russia.

Fifth, proposed placement of weapons in outer space, outer space objects to use or threaten to use force based on the draft treaty reach international treaty, which is a priority objective of the international community to this end, Russia reiterated its opposition to the deployment of weapons in outer space, called upon all States to comply with this policy a large space.

Russia is willing to under the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space Frame, continue to strengthen cooperation on issues of mutual concern and cooperation, particularly in ensuring long-term sustainability of outer space activities and other aspects of this important issue.

Our current information and communication technologies are used with the purpose of maintaining international stability and security, contrary to harm national sovereignty and personal privacy behavior expressed serious concern and we believe that the international community should respect each other in international cooperation on the basis of equality and mutual benefit, common respond to information security threats. called on the international community to develop generally accepted code of conduct, uphold multilateralism, democracy, the principle of transparency, so that the internationalization of Internet governance system, building peace, security, openness and information on environmental cooperation.

The two sides firmly abide by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change principles and purposes and is willing to strengthen international cooperation to jointly cope with global challenges of climate change to contribute.

Different six, the two sides continue to cooperate in encouraging and promoting respect for human rights, equal attention of the international community to promote civil rights, political rights and socio-economic and cultural rights and the right to development, respect for the diversity of cultures and civilizations, respect for traditional values and the promotion of human rights development model, to address human rights issues by promoting constructive dialogue and cooperation, oppose the politicization of international human rights cooperation humanities, objected to certain countries or groups of countries to impose standards as the universal standards of other countries.

Seven, China and Russia as a country with a long tradition of cultural history, and is willing worldwide, including within the UN framework, to promote dialogue among cultures and civilizations.

Both sides are willing to deepen cooperation in the field of international development, safeguard common interests, strengthen coordination and cooperation in the development of post-2015 development agenda process.

The two sides in international relations steadfastly defended the principle of indivisibility of security. Unilateral development in the global anti-missile system is not conducive to the stability of the international situation, can only damage the global strategic stability and international security. Should jointly by all countries take political and diplomatic efforts to prevent the proliferation of ballistic missiles and missile technology, not at the expense of the security of other countries trying to protect their own and a group of national security.

The two sides support Syria's sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity, advocating an end to violence by political and diplomatic means as the only way to resolve the crisis in Syria, according to the June 30, 2012 in Geneva communique signed by Syria to restart direct dialogue between the parties as soon as possible, and resolutely opposed Any external military intervention in Syria attempts.

China and Russia support the Syrian government and the international community for the successful completion of chemical weapons destruction efforts made by Syria, on the humanitarian situation in the country is deeply concerned about Syria, called for non-discriminatory and apolitical attitude, in compliance with international humanitarian law on the basis as soon as possible integrated solutions Syria and outside Syria humanitarian refugee problem.

The two sides believe that the internationally recognized legal basis, according to the consensus reached by the Palestinian-Israeli negotiations, a comprehensive, just and lasting solution to the Israeli-Palestinian, Arab-Israeli conflict, the MENA region to consolidate security, eliminate a major source of instability in the region, for the region national development, prosperity and cooperation and create favorable conditions, is of great significance.

The two sides reiterated that maintaining peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula, denuclearization of the peninsula, to resolve the issue through dialogue and consultation in line with the common interests of all parties concerned, to, stability and security is essential for peace in Northeast Asia and the Asia-Pacific region to maintain. Russia believes that the six-party talks is the only practical and effective way to solve the North Korean nuclear issue, I hope the relevant parties opposing the line, and do more things conducive to regional peace and stability, to promote the six-party talks, to achieve long-term stability of the peninsula and work together.

XII unresolved nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula, the political and military situation in the region remained tense, both sides expressed concern, stressing the parties should take concrete measures to ease tensions. Both sides agreed that the region's problems should be resolved by force, all existing The issue should be resolved through negotiations the two sides reached a consensus, will be carried out in close coordination and collaboration, to build an effective security mechanism in Northeast Asia peace.

XIII, the two sides noted with satisfaction that the Joint Action Plan aimed to resolve the Iranian nuclear issue is continuing to implement the plan and a list of measures to implement the obligation to balance the two sides further called on all negotiating parties to seek a compromise and avoid taking on a comprehensive agreement negative impact on the negotiation process behavior.

XIV attention to the development of both the situation in Afghanistan, advocates of peace in Afghanistan as soon as possible, stability, economic prosperity, national no terrorism and drug crimes. Both sides reaffirmed their support for Afghan-led national reconciliation efforts of all Afghans hope Afghanistan early realization of inclusive of reconciliation. appeal A relevant factions to reject violence, to sever ties with terrorist organizations, and accept the Afghan constitution.

Both sides believe that the scale of drug production in Afghanistan continues to expand, for peace and stability in Afghanistan and around the world pose a serious threat to both sides noted the need to further strengthen the international community's efforts in combating drugs in Afghanistan, including the strengthening of regional cooperation. Both sides reaffirmed the need to resolutely safeguard built global drug monitoring mechanism on the basis of the UN Convention.

The two sides noted that the Afghan presidential elections and local elections have been held great significance. Election to be held, thanks to the efforts of the Afghan Government, supported by the international community and the two sides called for respect for the historical choice of the Afghan people.

Fifteen, both sides expressed serious concern over the ongoing internal political crisis in Ukraine, called on all parties to exercise restraint and avoid conflicts of Ukraine upgrade, through peaceful and political means finding solutions to existing problems. Appeal to all regions of Ukraine and the participation of a wide range of social and political organizations The national dialogue, jointly developed the idea further development of the national constitutional system, in order to fully protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens.

Sixteen sides to support a variety of network partners to carry out diplomatic efforts. Mesh partnership aimed at establishing diplomatic partners in international affairs flexible mechanisms. G20 BRICS, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, China, Russia and India and other mechanisms Similar examples have become efficient and flexible mechanisms.

Seventeen, both sides believe that the Group of Twenty is the main forum for international economic cooperation, is willing to actively strive to build on this mechanism to improve its efficiency, and continuously push forward the implementation of the decisions of the summit in St. Petersburg.

Eighteen, both sides welcomed the successful development of the BRICS mechanism, international influence continues to expand, the key is that the current phase of the task BRICS member countries to develop multifaceted cooperation, play an important role in global economic governance mechanism.

Russia argued that the BRIC countries should be mechanisms in the broad areas of the global economy, such as financial and international political cooperation and coordination, including the construction of a closer economic partnership within the framework of the BRIC countries, accelerate the establishment of development banks and contingency reserves arrangements, jointly promote the field of global economic governance to improve the voice and representation of emerging markets and developing countries to build an open world economy, foreign policy, including mediation regional conflicts, non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, combating international terrorism and illegal drug trade maintenance of international information security, maintaining security in outer space, security and other areas of common concern to deepen coordination and cooperation on human rights.

Both sides believe that Russian-Indian cooperation is an important factor in maintaining global and regional security and stability. Between China and Russia will continue its efforts to strengthen the tripartite strategic dialogue to enhance mutual trust and coordinate a common position on the current international and regional issues, and promote mutually beneficial and pragmatic cooperation.

Nineteen, the two sides attach great importance to cooperation within the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, including the fight against terrorism, separatism and extremism, weapons smuggling, illegal drug trade and transnational organized crime, as well as the maintenance of international information security that is necessary in the aggregate Regional Anti-Terrorism Structure-based organization established on the Member States to deal with the security challenges and threats to the center, as a first step, given regional anti-terrorism agency anti-drug functions.

Russia believes that the further development of regional economic cooperation, improve the investment environment of Member States to strengthen ties between the business community, is a priority for the SCO and the two sides reiterated that adhere to the principles of openness SCO is ready to continue active efforts to expand the SCO who laid the legal foundation.

Twenty two sides believed that the Eurasian integration process of cooperation to protect the region's economic development, strengthen regional security and stability, promote the establishment of a common economic and cultural boundaries free space plays an important role in the region.

Both sides believe that the Eurasian Economic Union intends to January 1, 2015 will promote the establishment of regional stability, deepen mutually beneficial cooperation. Both sides stressed that the integration process in Asia, Europe, the Eurasian space and complement each other is very important.

Twenty-one, the Russian side believes that the Chinese economy with the proposed construction of the Silk Road initiative is very important, spoke highly of China is willing to consider Russia's interests in the development and implementation process. Both sides will be looking for the Silk Road Project and the economic zone to be established in Europe viable economic union between Asia meeting point this end, the two sides will continue to deepen cooperation between the two authorities, including the implementation of joint projects in the region and the development of transport infrastructure.

XXII, both sides are convinced that the potential of the Asia-Pacific region in order to meet the growing international affairs, must safeguard the legitimate interests of the countries in the region and to follow the norms and principles of international law, based on the establishment of a comprehensive, transparent, equitable, safe and sustainable indivisible cooperation framework development.

China and Russia will deepen cooperation in the East Asia Summit, the ASEAN Regional Forum and other multilateral dialogue and cooperation mechanisms other regions. Sides will intensify their efforts to consolidate the East Asia Summit as a 'leader to lead the' strategic forum effect.

Twenty-three, two sides believe that the establishment of the APEC forum in an open, fair and mutually beneficial basis and respect the needs of the various economies, is an effective mechanism for promoting regional economic integration and the two sides pledged to strengthen coordination and cooperation under the APEC framework to jointly promote economic growth and prosperity in the Asia region. Russia is willing to fully support China successfully held the 2014 APEC Economic Leaders Meeting, to maintain close communication and coordination with China to push for the meeting in promoting regional economic integration, and promote innovation and economic development, reform and growth, strengthen key areas of infrastructure and interconnection round building positive and pragmatic results.

Twenty-four, both sides are willing to deepen cooperation under the CICA framework. AsiaInfo is to carry out an effective mechanism for dialogue on regional peace and security issues. Russia welcomes China as AsiaInfo 2014-2016 presidency, I believe this will further promote the implementation of the various fields co-injection of confidence-building measures an important driving force. sides starting from the constructive cooperation between China and Russia, closely coordinate their positions within the CICA framework of initiatives to promote a consistent security architecture building stability and security aspects of development in the region.

XXV, both sides believe that ASEM is to promote political dialogue between Asia and Europe, an important platform for the exchange of economic and trade cooperation in other fields, social, cultural, etc. Both sides are willing to strengthen cooperation and promote the ASEM to enhance work efficiency.

Russia to build new relations have broad prospects for further flourish. Sino-Russian comprehensive, equality, mutual trust and strategic partnership to a higher level, is the twenty-first century, the two sides maintain core interests and the establishment of justice, harmony, The key factor in the security world pattern.

President of the Russian President of the Federal People's Republic of China

Xi Jinping Vladimir Putin

May 20, 2014 in Shanghai".