Greek volunteers on the side of the insurgents Russian speakers

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Greek volunteers on the side of the insurgents Russian speakers

Patience of Moscow cannot and is not inexhaustible, commented a senior Kremlin source, for the Ukrainian repeated attacks against Russian territory, which caused yesterday the death of a 47 years old resident, father of four children.

According to today's newspaper "Kommersant", "This is not about a massive attack, but for targeted individual hits, against Russian territory."

The "responsive precision strikes" may help "defuse" the tension, hopes the Kremlin, noting with concern that the leadership of Kiev and personally the president Petro Porosenko have forgotten any discussion for a ceasefire. "It was a pretext for recasting the Ukrainian forces, which cannot subdue our resistance since April," say the leaders of the insurgents Russian speakers, who initially faced with complete prejudice the promises and the so-called "peace" plan of Porosenko, which was probably arranged for viewers of developments from abroad, rather than the unfortunate residents of eastern Ukraine.

"We know exactly from where the hits came," said the same source, which seems to continue an 'internal dialogue' on the Russian side. Shortly before, in the Kremlin, the idea that it is necessary a "precision response" was adopted by the vice president of the Russian Upper House Bousmin Yevgeny, who represents the Council of Federation of the Rostov Region, which receives the largest wave of pressure from hundreds of thousands refugees from Ukraine, and most projectiles or fragments, that fall on Russian territory.

"A precision response is the most effective way to halt the hits from the Ukrainian side and give the right message to the Ukrainian leadership, which seems to be losing touch with reality," said the Russian official. Despite the difficult position in which they have found in the last 24hours, the heads of the rebels, (the military commander Igor Strelkof, and the so-called "secular ruler of Donbass" Pavel Gkoumparef), coincided in their estimates that the Ukrainian provocations have one and only purpose: to engage actively the Russian Federation and provoke the Kremlin leadership in the use of Russian armed forces directly on Ukrainian territory.

Such a development, in the opinion of many analysts and apparently of Vladimir Putin, would give strong arguments to critics of Russia, who will see only the Russian attack on Ukraine and not the reality, which reflects the flagrant violation of rights of residents of the eastern country by a controversial government in Kiev. This government has now in her hands the blood of hundreds of innocent civilians, and ordinary soldiers, killed from the one and the other side of the trenches in a meaningless and criminal civil war.

Compatriots from various regions of Ukraine and abroad, share the right of the armed struggle of the Russian-speaking against the pro-Nazi leadership, which requires measures for ethnic cleansing and does not promotes dialogue and federalism (the last hope of understanding the conflicting currents in Ukrainian society), but the subjugation of some other regions.

Among those who have moved to the area to assist the armed movement in eastern Ukraine, there are also Greek citizens, in accordance with crossbred information of

Most are expatriates who originate from areas of Donbass, ie, Greeks from the Sea of Azov, who have linked their fate to this land since the ancient times. As they said in our first difficult communication, they could not see the deaths of relatives and friends and left Greece (many years after the emigration from the ex USSR) and now have joined the so-called "international brigade" of militia Donetsk and try in every way to help the fight for ensure their self-determination.

The and this column are committed towards our readers that will fully cover this "Greek" dimension of the struggle of residents of eastern Ukraine, which is obviously causing great embarrassment to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and our government, but also in the EU. The same EU which spawned a nightmare with the poor decisions of their leaders, not only by betraying the professed values, but also the very interests of Europe, subordinating in the chaotic survival plans of the United States.

It would be extremely dishonest towards these people and of the expatriates who live with their ancestors in the same soil for centuries, if not millennia, if we pretend that they do not exist and they have no word for the fate and developments of the place that they were born and hosts the graves of their parents...

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