Criminal charges against 16 over football match-fixing

Criminal charges against 16 over football match-fixing

Prosecution authorities pressed criminal charges for felony and misdemeanor offenses against 16 Greek football officials in relation to match-fixing.

Following months of investigation, prosecutors Aristidis Koreas and Eleni Siskou, who prepared a 173-page report, pressed charges against 16 individuals, including officials from football teams, the Greek football federation and referees.

The charges include among others setting up, participating and leading a criminal organization, fraud, attempted extortion and bribery.
According to the prosecutor's report, the investigation revealed the existence of a criminal group that was active between 2011 and 2013 and which appointed specific referees to certain matches aiming at downgrading or upgrading football teams.

According to the report, sources said, football fans also fell victims to fraud as they believed they were watching a championship, whose matches had not been fixed.

The case file will be sent to an examining magistrate who will handle the main interrogation.