«Supreme Court prosecutor 'acting within her purview' regarding Koufodinas furlough»


«Supreme Court prosecutor 'acting within her purview' regarding Koufodinas furlough»

The Union of Public Prosecutors of Greece backed the actions taken by Supreme Court Prosecutor Xeni Dimitriou with respect to the granting of furlough to convicted terrorist Dimitris Koufodinas, noting in a statement issued on Sunday that "she was acting within her purview, which includes that of filing for the reversal of orders and judicial rulings."

The union, echoing an earlier announcement by the justice ministry, also spoke sternly about the criticism levelled against Dimitriou over her decision:

"Every statement by political persons that attempts to assign ulterior motives to the specific act of the Supreme Court prosecutor is, at the very least, unfortunate and harms the prestige of justice," it said.

Late on Friday, Dimitriou filed for the reversal of a decision by a Volos Council of Justices that had denied Koufodinas' seventh request for furlough from the Volos prison farm, where he is serving multiple life sentences for a series of murders committed as a member of the terrorist group 'November 17'.

Her petition will now be considered by a panel of judges at the Supreme Court and, if it is accepted, the Volos Council of Justices will have to reconvene with a different composition and consider Koufodinas' application for furlough once again.

Source: ana-mpa

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