Nobody wants to destroy Greece's good image in managing the pandemic, Health Min Kikilias says

Nobody wants to destroy Greece's good image in managing the pandemic, Health Min Kikilias says

There is no one that wants to see Greece destroy its currently very good image concerning the management of the coronavirus crisis or to see Greek citizens getting sick, and nobody wants Greece to get embroiled in new adventures, stated Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias on Monday, speaking to ANT1 TV.

"If we comply with the measures, I believe that over the next period we will do well and this will give us the capability, combined with the science that is underway, to know what tests and what rapid tests we will have in the upcoming period so that we are able to know what programme and what methology we can use to carry out checks on domestic tourism, to begin with, and afterwards, if possible, on tourism from abroad," he said .

"I understand," he added, "that there a great deal of anxiety over what will happen in July with respect to tourism but I should point out that it is now May and we have important steps before us. Today, we took the first step and on May 11 we will take the next one, another on May 25 and the fourth one on June 1."

Referring to hiring in the Greek national health system, he said: "We hired 4,000 doctors and nursing staff in the last few months. It was an unprecedentd change and structural reform for the healthcare sector. Over the coming period, 942 doctors will be hired on permanent basis and we are constantly working in this direction, namely to find a way to offer more to these people who are the modern heroes of our country who with patriotism and self-sacrifice took care of our fellow citizens in ICUs and the coronavirus referral hospitals. These are the doctors, the nursing staff, the cleaners and the catering staff, they are the ones who fought the battle against the virus in the last period".

Source: ana-mna

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