Amphipolis: Very close to the solution of the mystery

Amphipolis: Very close to the solution of the mystery

There are many people who wonder how one of the most prestigious scientific journals in the world, the National Geographic, in a special edition dedicated to Amphipolis, explores the possibility that this is the tomb of Alexander the Great, especially since many archaeologists who have recently made statements, avoid to take place, pending of the official announcements.

Others wonder whether the excavation team of Mrs. Peristeri has taken into account of the findings of the so-called "Tomb III" in Amphipolis, an almost identical cist tomb a few meters away from the point of excavation.

Nearly three hundred meters away from the hill, one previous study had revealed the "Tomb III" of Amphipolis. In this tomb there is a pebble mosaic which depicting rhombus, similar to that found in the first stage of excavation on the Kasta hill.

Others, however, insist that it is still too early to draw conclusions from the findings so far, and argue that the excavation although it has advanced, does not cover 1/4 of the total area of the Tomb, and conclude that may exist many basements in the Tomb, but also that in the rest of the area which is under excavation, there are findings that will astonish the archaeologists.