Sakellaropoulou: Events in Moria «don't lend themselves to exploitation»

Sakellaropoulou: Events in Moria «don't lend themselves to exploitation»

"The events in Moria don't lend themselves to exploitation by anyone," President of the Hellenic Republic Katerina Sakellaropoulou said on Thursday in a statement on the latest developments in Lesvos, noting that "the disaster in Moria fills us with pain and concern."

Sakellaropoulou pointed out that "the conditions do not permit delays, the refusal or transfer of responsibilities or belligerent cries. And above all, they do not allow Europe to turn a blind eye," she said, adding that the "refugee and migration issues are primarily a European problem and must be addressed as such."

Referring to Turkey, she said that it was "instrumentalising the tragedy of refugees and migrants, using them as a weapon in negotiations and as a threat to serve its geopolitical interests."

She also made a special reference to the local community on the island of Lesvos, saying that, although it had shown touching solidarity and humanity and taken on a disproportionate burden, it was watching the spread of tension on the island with fear and concern, while this tension was made even greater due to the health crisis and the dozens of coronavirus cases confirmed at the hotspot in Moria.

Source: ana-mpa