Venizelos: Possible extending of the memorandum

Venizelos: Possible extending of the memorandum

Outbound of Maximou, after the meeting with Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, he talked about extending of the memorandum.

Mr. Venizelos, thus confirmed the scenarios for "sinking" of the negotiations with the Troika in Paris and disproved himself and the Prime Minister, when they were talking about "the exit of the country from the crisis" and the "end of memorandums."

Specifically, Mr. Venizelos characterized the ongoing negotiations as tough, stressing that "the key issue is, not to burden more, the Greek citizen."

Commenting on what happened in Paris, Mr. Venizelos said that this "is a step towards the completion of the final negotiation."

Regarding the possibility of extending the support program, Deputy Prime Minister said: "The European program expires on December 31.

The goal is to disburse the final installment, until then. If for technical reasons some processes have not been completed (until then), it could be extended, but with no new memorandum. New program means new loan. It cannot be done".

Asked about the extension, Mr. Venizelos said that could last "several weeks or a few days."

At the same time, stressed the need for calm, the rallying and unity and by implying the opposition he said: "Those who produce instability operate negatively with respect to the negotiating power of the country."

Asked about the financial gap and how it will be covered, the Deputy Prime Minister said that there is no fiscal gap, adding that this is a theoretical discussion.

Recall that at the meeting, were attended the finance minister, Gikas Hardouvelis, of Labour, John Vroutsis, of Administrative Reform, of Kyriakos Mitsotakis and the Deputy Finance Minister George Mavraganis.