Review 2014: 20 Events that marked the planet

Κατερίνα Τζαβάρα

Review 2014: 20 Events that marked the planet

The Ebola virus, the rise and atrocities of the Islamic State, the airline tragedies of Malaysia Airlines, but the extramarital adventures of French President Francois Hollande, the Nobel Peace Prize in the little Malalas and the historical page break in US-Cuba relations after many decades, were some of the events that preoccupied the world public opinion of 2014.

See, in chronological order the 20 most important news of 2014:

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France: The extramarital life of Francois Hollande
It was revealed the relationship of Francois Hollande with Julie Gayet, sparking a political crisis that led to the exit of Valerie Trierweiler from the Presidential Palace and brought big troubles to the French president.

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Ukrainian crisis
The Ukrainian crisis becomes violent at the end of the month, when police clash with protesters who are claiming closer ties with the European Union and to set aside the end of the European course of the country.

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March 8
Disappearance of the Boeing of Malaysia Airlines
A Boeing 777 of Malaysia Airlines disappears at dawn on March 8, during a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 people on board. This incident will launch the largest and most expensive search in the history of aviation, and will develop more and more imaginative conspiracy theories.

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March 16
Annexation of Crimea
The crisis that has started from the previous month, with loud protests in the square Maid of Kiev, pave the carpet for an unprecedented crisis in eastern Ukraine which led to the annexation of Crimea. Pro-Russian militants occupied government buildings in Donetsk and Luhansk and a war starts, which gradually will bring many losses.

April 14
Nigeria: Kidnapping of schoolgirls by Boca Haram
The organization Boca Haram abducted 276 Nigerian girls from school in the remote town Tsimpok in southeastern Nigeria, by invading in the dormitories of the boarding house on the night of April 14th.

April 16
N. Korea: Sewol sank
On April 16, the South Korean ferry Sewol sank, killing at more than 300 people, mostly children who attended a school trip. The captain was sentenced to 36 years in prison although he had proposed sentenced to death because he abandoned the ship, leaving hundreds trapped people in the wreck.

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May 2
Strengthening of the Eurosceptic parties
Eurosceptic parties record strengthening rates in European elections. Both the far right and far left elements are amplified, in a poll which shows the reaction to the EU's economic policy.

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May 20
India: Victory of Monty in elections
The controversial nationalist leader Narendra Modi, triumphs in the elections of India, leading his party Bharatiya Janata, in a historic victory.

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The Islamic state declares the establishing of Caliphate
The Islamic State occupied Mosul, the second largest city in Iraq and proclaimed the establishment of the caliphate, advancing with unannounced raids, using violent methods, proceeding into killing of minorities.

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July 8
Gaza: Military operation against Palestinians
Israel launches major offensive in Gaza after the kidnapping of three Israeli teenagers from Hamas. The military operation that will follow will last seven weeks, killing 2,200 people. According to the United Nations, during the war of 50 days, were killed many more children than fighters in the Palestinian territories.

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July 17
Ukraine: Shot-down of airplane of Malaysia Airlines
An aircraft of Malaysia Airlines was shot down over the eastern Ukraine, probably from rocket of pro-Russian militants. 298 occupants were killed. This was the second tragedy of the same aviation company, in four months. The Russian government disclaims responsibility and criticized Kiev.

August 8
WHO: State of emergency worldwide because of Ebola
The World Health Organization declares "state of emergency worldwide" because of the widespread epidemic of Ebola. By December, the deaths due to Ebola globally, surpass 6,800.

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August 9
USA: Policeman kills Michael Brown
In Ferguson Missouri, the white policeman Darren Wilson, shoots and kills Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager. This incident will raise a wave of violent incidents in several cities, causing more deaths.

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August 19
Beheading of journalist James Foley from the Islamic State
ISIS is transmitting the beheading of journalist James Foley, shocking the whole world, and opens a new chapter of horror and savagery.

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September 26
Mexico: Disappearance of 43 students
In Mexico, a country where 54 people disappear every week due to the bloody war of cartels, the disappearance 43 students brought indignation of the people, which begun extensive demonstrations.
October 10
Nobel peace in Malala
The 17 year old Malala Yousafzai from Pakistan, who almost died during her struggle for the education of women in her country, shared the Nobel Peace Prize with the Indian Kyle Satyarthi, an activist for the rights of children.

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October 21
South Africa: Conviction of Pistorius
Oscar Pistorius convicted for the murder of his partner Riba Steenkamp. After a trial that lasted seven months, was sentenced to five years imprisonment with the right of appeal.

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Humanitarian crisis in Syria
The European Parliament's Development Committee discusses on the humanitarian crisis in Syria and the situation of refugees. According to official figures, more than 9 million Syrians have been forced to flee their homes because of civil war. The EP emphasized the need for humanitarian corridors because otherwise "the only people who will stay in the country will be those who will try to kill each other."

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December 16th
Pakistan: Taliban attack in school
The world is shocked by the Taliban attack at school in Pakistan with 141 dead, among whom 132 are children.

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December 17th
New historical chapter in US-Cuba relations
A new page opens in the relations of the United States - Cuba, with the sudden announcement of the normalization of relations between them. The transition to the new phase begun with the release of the American Alan Gross, who was held for five years in Cuba.

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