New Year's Day: The planet welcomes the new year (pics)

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New Year's Day: The planet welcomes the new year (pics)

The planet celebrated the arrival of 2015 in a spectacular way, but in China the beginning of the New Year was marked by a deadly tragedy.

At least 35 people were killed and 42 were injured during the celebration of New Year in Shanghai, in the famous tourist promenade of the Chinese metropolis, known as Bad, as broadcast the Chinese media.

The official New China News Agency reported that the crowd in the Chen Yi of Bantu square was led to stampede, which caused overcrowding, shortly before midnight local time.
It has not been clear what caused the stampede that led to the death of dozens of people. According to the official Chinese news agency New China many of the injured are students. Rescue teams rushed in the place of the tragedy, in order to provide assistance to the injured.

The authorities had expressed some concern about the control of the great crowd at Bad.

The tragedy led to the cancellation of 3D laser show in Bad, which last year attracted 300,000 spectators.

In most cities of the world, crowds of people were gathered to celebrate the arrival of the New Year.

It started from New Zealand, and later followed by Sydney.
At 5 pm Wednesday, Japan celebrated the arrival of the New Year, followed by China, where unfortunately the celebrations marred the tragic accident. The spectacle in the Olympic Park in Beijing was spectacular, where apart from the celebration for the coming of the New Year, the Chinese promote the candidacy of the city for the Winter Olympic Games in 2022.

In Sydney, tons of colorful fireworks lit up the sky over the bay. More than 1.6 million people took part in the celebrations in Australia's largest city.

In Melbourne, Australia, thousands of people gathered to watch the show. After the count down, they welcomed the New Year, and the night became day by the lights of fireworks.

On one afternoon of Wednesday, New Zealand said goodbye to 2014 and welcomed 2015. With a spectacular show with fireworks from the famous Sky Tower in Auckland, dozens of Zealanders celebrated first, the advent of the New Year.

In Malaysia the atmosphere was not festive after the plane crash of AirAsia in Indonesia, which carried 162 people. Moreover, the deadly floods exacerbated the feeling of sadness and the celebrations for the New Year were canceled.

In Rio de Janeiro more than two million people were gathered at Copacabana beach in Rio, where broadcasted the message of Pope Francis from the Vatican, followed by the famous spectacle of fireworks that also marked the 450th anniversary of the founding of the city .

In Paris, after 15 years, the new mayor, Anne Hidalgo, offered to thousands of French and tourists, a show with fireworks and spectacular lighting from the Arc de Triomphe.

The celebrations for the New Year in Moscow, Berlin, New York and Rome, were impressive.
Watch the video of celebrations from different cities, published by the Telegraph.

New Year's Day: The planet welcomes the new year (pics)
New Year's Day: The planet welcomes the new year (pics)



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