Sailing ban to be gradually lifted during Friday

Sailing ban to be gradually lifted during Friday

Καιρός: Δείτε τις τροποποιήσεις στα δρομολόγια των πλοίων από το λιμάνι των Χανίων και του Ηρακλείου

Sailing bans in force at Attica ports will gradually be lifted during the course of the day on Friday, starting at 10:00. The gale-force winds reaching up to 9 Beaufort in many parts of the Aegean are expected to abate, allowing ferries to set sail from the ports of Piraeus, Rafina and Lavrio.

Ferries bound for Crete will be leaving Piraeus at 10:00 and those bound for the Cyclades islands at noon. Ferries for the Cyclades will be departing from Rafina at 10:00 and the first ferry from Lavrio will leave at noon.

Authorities are continuing to advise those planning to travel by ferry to first contact port authorities or their travel agent in case of changes or modifications.

Δείτε όλες τις τελευταίες Ειδήσεις από την Ελλάδα και τον Κόσμο, τη στιγμή που συμβαίνουν, στο

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