Mitsotakis: We have proven that the state works effectively

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Mitsotakis: We have proven that the state works effectively

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, in a cabinet meeting held via teleconference on Tuesday, thanked all ministers for their excellent cooperation during the double crisis that Greece has been facing over the last month.

"I think we have all proven in practice that the state works effectively for the benefit of the citizens," he underlined.

"I would like to say that we had the courage to take action much faster than many other European countries. Measures that were difficult and certainly had a significant impact on economic activity," he said and added: "Our goal has always been, from the first moment, to get as much time as possible to enable health systems to respond as best as possible to an epidemic that we know will eventually affect an increasing proportion of the Greek population. And so far it seems at least that we have gained time, but that obviously depends on the behaviour of the citizens and how they will embrace the message "We stay home."

"So far, I must say, the overwhelming majority of society has responded to this message even before we took the final restrictive measures announced Monday, which we took precisely so as to make those few who decided, on their own initiative, to not respect our call understand what they have to do. But also to satisfy the great majority that stayed home while others did not. Now it is law and we all have to abide by the government's instructions."

Source: ana-mpa

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