Athens Newspapers Headlines (25/04/2019)

Athens Newspapers Headlines (25/04/2019)

The Thursday edition of Athens dailies at a glance

AVGHI: "(EPP candidate for president of the Commission Manfred) Weber joins the ND rumour mill"

DIMOKRATIA: "Come and get it, people" (benefits handed out)

EFIMERIDA TON SYNTAKTON: "The night of the colonels"

ELEFTHEROS TYPOS: "All new deadlines for Cadastre registrations"

ETHNOS: "Resurrection package for households" (tax cuts being considered)

KATHIMERINI: "SYRIZA in turmoil because of (Alternate Health Minister Pavlos) Polakis' statements"

RIZOSPASTIS: "New anti-labour record in 'flexibility' and labour 'accidents'"

TA NEA: "(Digital Minister) Nikos Pappas' nightmares"

Source: ana-mpa