Olympia Odos offers traffic prediction application to travellers

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Olympia Odos offers traffic prediction application to travellers

Olympia Odos has created an innovative traffic prediction service which will be available on the website www.olympiaodos.gr

With this app, travellers will be able to obtain information on current traffic levels at two fixed points on the Olympia Odos motorway, the Elefsina tolls and the Isthmus tolls. The app will inform drivers on the traffic load of the last 15 minutes and additionally make forecasts about traffic levels in both directions for the next 72 hours.

The service is designed to be used by motorists as a tool for planning their journeys, especially during peak periods with heightened traffic levels, such as the Christmas and Easter breaks or the Assumption of the Virgin holiday during the summer.

In addition to data from the two toll stations, the app will also use data from past traffic statistics, calender dates (for holidays etc) and the weather service to make its predictions.

Source: ana-mpa



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