Spirtzis: 49m euros towards disaster-afflicted municipalities

Spirtzis: 49m euros towards disaster-afflicted municipalities

Projects worth 49 million euros towards flood protection and the rebuilding of the road networks of the five Athenian municipalities hit by floods and fires in the last two years, were announced by the Minister of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks Christos Spirtzis on Tuesday.

The road works and the relevant drainage works concern the urban and periurban areas of the municipalities of Rafina, Marathonas, Mandra, Elefsina and the Megara area and are expected to begin in approximately 2 months.

Addressing the mayors of the five municipalities, the minister spoke of "a new era and a major effort to support the specific municipalities affected by the disasters, beyond any political party preference or political identity of their mayors."

The statement was welcomed by the Mayors of Elefsina George Tsoukalas, of Mandra-Idylia Ioanna Kriekouki, of Marathon Elias Krinakis, of Megareon Grigorios Stamoulis and of Rafina-Pikermi Evangelos Bournous.

"Projects on which we have worked over the last few years are back on track for implementation by the Ministry of Infrastructure because we do not have the necessary technical capacity," said the mayors.

The total budget for the projects foreseen in the contracts amounts to 48,850,000 euros and the funds will be sourced from the Public Investment Program (PIP).

Spirtzis also announced a so-called Special Landscape Plan for the fire-stricken Mati district which involves new roads accessing Marathonos Avenue and the re-building of homes, for which 110 repair permits have been issued.