Draft law on 120 installments, rider on pension bonus tabled in plenary


Draft law on 120 installments, rider on pension bonus tabled in plenary

The so-called 120 installment draft law, including the debt settlement to the social security funds, tax bureau and other public services, was introduced to the parliament plenary on Monday evening.

Debate in plenary began immediately on the the draft law that allows up to 120 installments for the repayment of debts to social security funds, the tax bureau and other services.

The draft law was introduced to parliamentary committees under fast-track procedures and will be voted by roll-call vote after debate ends on Tuesday.

Also tabled on the same evening is a rider to the draft bill reintroducing an additional month's cheque ('the 13th pension'), a promise by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras a few days ago that the bonus would be reinstated and paid out to pensioners by the end of the month.

According to the rider, the extra month's pension will be a permanent measure and will help pensioners as well as those who have a disability or are not insured. The payout will be based on the monthly gross pensions received currently and will be protected from confiscation by the state or third parties for outstanding debts. It will be paid out annually in May.

The payscale of the bonus will range from an equivalence of 100 pct to 30 pct. For example, pensioners with a gross pension up to 500 euros will get a bonus of 500 euros (100 pct), whereas those with a gross pension of 1,000 euros or above will get a 30 pct bonus.

Source: ana-mpa

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