Heavy rains expected as of Wed., in turn of weather

Heavy rains expected as of Wed., in turn of weather

The coming week is expected to be rainy, first in northern Greece and gradually throughout Greece, the National Observatory of Athens's service said on Sunday.

Already overcast in most areas of Greece on Sunday, the service said that within the next 24 hours cloud cover will become denser and bring rain and local storms.

On Sunday and Monday, temperatures will drop, plummeting in certain locations in northern Greece by as much as 10 degrees. This will be temporary, with a small rise in temperature expected as of Tuesday.

As of Wednesday, however, low barometric pressure is expected to lead to heavy rain, weather expected to last to the end of the week.

In terms of pollution, the service said that there was a drop between March 11 (when schools and universities shut down) and March 18, compared to the same period in 2019. Specifically, nitrogen dioxide (NO2) dropped by 11.4 pct and suspended particulate matter receded by 6.1 pct. For the three-day period of March 16-18 in particular, the drop was 48.5 pct (NO2) compared to the same period in 2019 and 48.8 pct. (particulates), respectively. This is a result of the restriction measures due to the coronavirus pandemic, but long-term results are unknown, Natural Environment Secretary General Constantine Aravossis told on Saturday.

Source: ana-mna

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