PM Mitsotakis: «AntonisTritsis» is a flagship project

PM Mitsotakis: «AntonisTritsis» is a flagship project

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Thursday presented the "Antonis Tritsis" development and solidarity programme for local administration which, as he said, is a flagship project.

Mitsotakis underlined that this programme is a road map for growth as well as a roadmap for social welfare.

"It is the compass that will help local administration become again a lever for the restart of the economy. At the same time, it is a pillar of the national strategic plan for the 21st century," he stated.

The prime minister stressed the importance of local administration in our every day life adding that it constitutes a critical part of a democratic state.

He also said it is a costed and well-studied programme that covers all the regions of the country. It focuses on the creation of jobs and better quality of life for all.

"Three words characterise this emblematic package of thousands of interventions: innovation, flexibility and prospect. And three are the targets: growth, environment and social cohesion. Three are also the directions that will focus on: digital convergence, improvement of the quality of life and social cohesion without forgetting the civil protection," Mitsotakis underlined.

The prime minister said that 2.5 billion euros will turn into thousands of works in the entire Greek region over the next years which will create approximately 40,000 new job positions. He also underlined that all the local administration organisations will have access to the programme based on the participation of each region in the national plan and specific criteria - geographic, demographic and social - for every region.

Source: ana-mna