Tsipras: Greece needs new optimism at the moment

Tsipras: Greece needs new optimism at the moment

Main opposition SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance leader Alexis Tsipras on Friday accused the government of not tolerating criticism.

Tsipras was speaking in parliament during the debate on the pandemic.

Tsipras referred to an "extraordinary" and "dramatic" situation in which the political debate "can not be a sterile confrontation" but that there needs to be a "calmer search for solutions in two directions", stressing that all opposition parties have shown "empathy" in the face of a "critical reality", with "harsh criticism but also proposals."

The first direction, he noted, was "how the country can overcome the pandemic and the economic crisis with the fewest possible losses," and the second, he added, was "which way should we take, not starting tomorrow, but starting yesterday, in order to leave behind the difficult years and to give new hope and new prospects to the people of work and creativity, and primarily to the young."

"To state this simply, we have to discuss, propose, disagree, with respect for the truth. With respect for the needs of the people. With respect for the thousands of the dead and those who are currently suffering in suffocatingly packed hospitals. Respect for the anguish today and tomorrow for those who see their income evaporating and threatened. And for the anguish of those seeking a way out of their personal and family impasse," the main opposition leader said.

Finally, the leader of the main opposition stressed the need for new optimism.