Pavlopoulos: April 21 a 'black-letter day'

Pavlopoulos: April 21 a 'black-letter day'

The criminal coup d'etat that led to the seven-year 'tragedy' of Greece's military junta on April 21, 1967, is a 'black-letter day' for democracy, and must remain indelibly marked in the country's historical memory, said Greek President Prokopios Pavlopoulos, in a Saturday statement for the 52 years since the coup behind the dictatorship.

In view of what Pavlopoulos called the crucial upcoming European elections, he pointed out that "Greeks, fully aware of the consequences of this grim past, have the duty to defend democracy in our country and in our great European Family-the European Union," he said.

The Greek President concluded by saying that Greeks "have to raise a wall of unconditional resistance against all those who covet, directly and overtly, the democratic institutions at large, and the European fabric specifically."

Source: ana-mpa