PM Mitsotakis: Education is an important political priority

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PM Mitsotakis: Education is an important political priority

"I am very happy to start my visits from the education ministry," the prime minister stressed.

"We will move rapidly to implement our plan for quality public education," he said, adding that education is an important political priority.

The talks between Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Education Ministry Niki Kerameos on Friday morning went into detail concerning the reforms in the education system, the minister said after the meeting.

Kerameous announced that there will be an extension of the deadline for submitting the application form for admission to universities, that the hiring process in special education will continue, that the process of establishing a fourth law school in Patras will be suspended and preparations made so that the new school year will start without any problems.

She also said the government supported mandatory two-year preschool education and would take steps in this direction.

The ministry's long-term goals include, as she announced, the preparation of an institutional framework for all levels of education "aimed at greater freedom and autonomy in universities."

A measure abolishing university asylum, at least in its present form, will be included in the first act of legislation that is tabled in parliament, Kerameos said.

Source: ana-mpa

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