Mitsotakis at Politique International: Europe needs to react accordingly to Erdogan's provocations

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Mitsotakis at Politique International: Europe needs to react accordingly to Erdogan's provocations

The good results of the government's policy for Greece's international image daily make themselves apparent, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said in an interview with the French political magazine Politique Internationale released on Wednesday.

Referring to Greece's excellent performance in international markets, the prime minister pointed out that the country is no longer being discussed for the wrong reasons, and this was clearly seen by foreign credit rating agencies and investors. As he explained, Greece is definitively moving past the crisis, creating a framework of security and credibility without the obstacles, bureaucracy and prejudices of the past, which will allow the country to "take off".

Mitsotakis announced that he will officially ask for the reduction of the primary surplus target in 2020. Greece meets all the requirements, he said, in order to achieve the desired result. He explained that the 3.5 percent primary surplus target was agreed during the SYRIZA government when nobody trusted Greece. This was not the case anymore, he said, and it would not make sense to retain it.

Regarding relations with Turkey, he said that any problems Greece may have with Turkey or other countries are automatically problems of the European Union. He stressed that when Turkey is 'redesigning' the map of the Mediterranean, it is not only provoking Greece but all Europe. For this reason, he added, Europe - together with Greece - must react accordingly. Europe must remind Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan that the Greek borders are immovable and non-negotiable, he noted, adding that Greece has always been a pillar of stability and security in the Eastern Mediterranean.

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