Athens Newspapers Headlines (31/01/2020)

Athens Newspapers Headlines (31/01/2020)

The Friday edition of Athens dailies at a glance

DIΜΟΚRΑΤΙΑ: Forced vaccination to avoid a pandemic

ΕLEFTHEROS TYPOS: Double trap in tax declarations

EFIMERIDA TON SYNTAKTON: Unaware and ignorant

ΤΑ ΝΕΑ: What the new agreement with the US will bring

ΕSΤΙΑ: The prime minister's weakening was a major national mistake

KATHIMERINI: Memorandum or Grexit in football

RIZOSPASTIS: Everyone is taken for granted in the dangerous US-NATO-EU plans

AVGHI: Predictable in foreign policy

ΝΑFTEMPORIKI: A smaller European Union

Source: ana-mpa

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