Health Min Kikilias: The next days are crucial

Health Min Kikilias: The next days are crucial

"We are at a point when people aged from 20 to 40 return from their holidays. These are people who have contact with many people. These are also the ages that mainly transfer the virus as they have no symptoms," Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias said on Monday in an interview with public broadcaster ERT.

"It should be made clear that these young people should not come into contact with vulnerable groups, ie their parents, grandparents or people who have underlying diseases and could possibly cause them a huge problem if they transmit them the virus," he underlined.

Regarding Attica and the large urban centers, the Health Minister stressed: "We are talking about a lot of people who are returning to Attica, which is burdened at this time, as we see from the epidemiological curve, and in Macedonia and urban centers in general."

He also made a call to all, young and old alike, to continue and intensify our efforts. We must be able, with discipline, self-restraint and a sense of responsibility, to defend public health together."

Source: ana-mpa

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