MItsotakis: Vaccinations underway without hurdles

MItsotakis: Vaccinations underway without hurdles

The process of vaccinations against the coronavirus is underway without any hurdles, according to the government's plan, said Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis after a meeting he chaired at the operations center of the General Secretariat for Civil Protection on Tuesday evening.

The inoculation of citizens over the age of 85 will be completed soon, followed by the vaccination of those aged 80-84, he added.

Some 92,401 vaccinations have so far been carried out, according to the latest data presented at the meeting, while more than 11,000 doses have been given to citizens over 85; another 6,000 vaccinations have also been performed at nursing homes thus far, was pointed out.

Citizens' observance of inoculation appointments exceeds 95 pct, was also noted.

The national digital vaccination certificate was also presented at the meeting, which citizens can now have it issued at or at Citizens' Service Centers (KEP). This document is safe and private, and carries a QR code, a unique code and a digital watermark, was said.

The digital certificate is by no means restrictive, Mitsotakis stressed; on the contrary, he underlined that "it will make it easier to remove travelling restrictions imposed by Covid-19."

This certificate is "a Greek innovation", said the Greek Premier, and he welcomed the fact that the idea has been warmly welcomed, as he said, by the European Union.

Mitsotakis' proposal for the adoption of the digital vaccination certificate by the European Commission will be further discussed at the upcoming meeting of EU leaders on Thursday January 21.

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