DCR 017, the first Greek motorcycle launched in the international market

DCR 017, the first Greek motorcycle launched in the international market

Τhe first custom-made and on-demand Greek motorcycle was presented to the international audience at the EICMA exhibition in Milan.

"We are not afraid because we are competitive at the highest level, our technology is exceptional, and everyone acknoledges it," said the creator of the DCR 017 motorcycle Dinos Michalidis to Athens Macedonian News Agency radio 'Praktoreio 104.9 FM.

The creation of the special model started a year ago, when Michailidis' company participated in the world's largest motorcycle exhibition EICMA that is held every November in Milan. "In 2016, when we witnessed this wave of type Custom, Trackers and Café Racers motorcycles, we said we should do something ourselves. Despite the fact we are a company that manufactures air filtres, we set aside some time at our research centre and tried to build our own motorcycle," Nikolaidis explained.

The motorcycle was completed just few days before the opening of the exhibition on November 9.

DCR 017 targets a special audience that seeks models in a flourishing part of the market: buyers who want custom-made motorcycles. "It is something we can only compare with a Ferrari or Lamborghini in the car sector; it is obviously a very expensive market, but we have a plan," Nikolaidis said. "If conditions permit, meaning if we have a sufficient number of orders, then we plan to set up a special unit to produce this motorcycle," he added.

Source: amna-mpa

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