Supreme Court Prosecutor intervenes regarding Koufodinas' request for furlough

Supreme Court Prosecutor intervenes regarding Koufodinas' request for furlough

Supreme Court Prosecutor Xeni Dimitriou on Friday intervened in the case of convicted terrorist Dimitris Koufodinas, asking to view the ruling of the justices' council that denied him furlough, as well as the prison social worker's report on his case and the prisoner's medical file.

The Volos Misdemeanours Court Justices Council had earlier unanimously denied Koufodinas' request for a new furlough from the Volos prison farm, where he is serving multiple life sentences for homicides he committed as part of the 17 November terrorist group.

Dimitriou also asked for the last medical certificate issued by the Volos Hospital, where Koufodinas has been admitted after starting a hunger strike on May 2 that he refuses to stop. If she reaches a different conclusion than the justices' council, she can ask for the ruling to be reversed.

The council on Friday declined Koufodinas' application for a four-day furlough for a second time, finding that he does not meet the requirements set out by law.

Koufodinas was admitted to hospital in Volos last Monday, four days into a hunger strike that he started when his seventh application for furlough was denied. He was taken to the hospital's emergency room, where doctors determined that he was not suffering from any health problem, and has since been held in a special area in the hospital basement under armed guard, in conditions that he has called "inhuman and cruel."

He is refusing medical treatment, as well as food and water, as a sign of protest.

Koufodinas' case was referred to the justices' council after the prison social worker and public prosecutor disagreed on whether he should be given furlough, with the latter finding that he does not meet the requirements.

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