PM Tsipras urges voters to choose 'progressive candidates' in second round of local elections

PM Tsipras urges voters to choose 'progressive candidates' in second round of local elections

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Sunday called on voters to cast their vote for progressive candidates in the second round of elections for mayors and regional governors taking place throughout the country.

"Progressive candidates over the representatives of conservatism but also mayors and regional governors that have the prestige and seriousness to deal with the increased problems that society faces," the prime minister said after exercising his right to vote at the 172nd primary school in Athens.

Upon his arrival at the polling station, there was a warm welcome for the prime minister by SYRIZA party friends and members.

In a statement after casting his vote, he said the election was being held "in a new institutional landscape for local government" where the local authority heads will have to cooperate with the opposition within municipal and regional councils and strive to make their programmes converge "since the great democratic institutional change made by Kleisthenes and simple proportional representation in local government creates a new framework".

"We believe that this framework will benefit the cities, municipalities, regions and local communities because it forces, if you like, the mayors and regional governors to arrive at consensus, understanding and programme convergence for the good of local communities," he said.

In spite of this, he added, the choices made by voters remain crucial and he urged the electorate to opt for progressive choices, expressing confidence that "citizens will do what is best for local communities, municipalities and regions."

Source: ana-mpa