Pavlopoulos stresses need for Turkey to respect international and European law

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Pavlopoulos stresses need for Turkey to respect international and European law

President of the Hellenic Republic Prokopios Pavlopoulos on Wednesday stressed that Turkey must respect international and European law, during his meeting with the Board of Directors of the World Interparliamentary Association of Hellenism at the Presidential Mansion.

Pavlopoulos reiterated the importance of their contribution in the defence of Greece's national issues with respect to Turkey, stating that friendship and good neighbourliness depend on a full and sincere respect for the entirety of international and European law.

"An integral part of this is Law of the Sea, the 1982 Montego Bay Treaty, which also binds Turkey through the generally accepted rules of international law. So we are telling Turkey that we will defend international and European legitimacy without any compromise, concession or retreat. Especially when any such compromise, concession or retreat would create an extremely dangerous negative precedent for both international and European Law," he underlined.

He also noted that it was valuable to understand and support the European Union, NATO and the United States.

Referring to the members of the World Inter-Parliamentary Association of Hellenism, he noted that as members of the parliaments in the countries where they live, they honour Greece abroad by serving, especially during the current troubled times, representative democracy and human rights, as well as the state of social justice.

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