Coronavirus simulation drill held at Attikon hospital

Coronavirus simulation drill held at Attikon hospital

The health ministry's special drill simulating the arrival of patients with a suspected coronavirus infection was completed at the Attikon hospital on Wednesday.

The simulation exercise was co-ordinated by Professor Sotiris Tsiodras, who told reporters that there is continued testing of suspected cases in the country and that everyone needs to be on alert to immediately identify and quickly isolate suspected cases so they don't continue to spread the virus.

The coronavirus, as Tsiodras explained, has some worrying features. "...It is a new and a little more contagious than the seasonal flu virus. One person infects two people. It looks and behaves like seasonal influenza, but so far it seems to have a higher mortality rate than influenza, as 2 pct of those that are infected die."

Source: ana-mpa

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