US Senator Menendez: Greece is an ideal partner for the US

US Senator Menendez: Greece is an ideal partner for the US

Addressing the inaugural event of the Forum "Greece 2040", organised by the "Greece 2021" Committee, US Senator Robert Menendez late on Thursday underlined Greece's long-standing relations with the US, while noting that Greece plays a leading role in the region, promoting peace and stability in the Balkans and the Eastern Mediterranean.

The US Senator also stressed that Greece has a bright future and is an ideal partner for the US.

The American Senator noted that Greece played an important role in the first steps of the establishment of democracy in the USA, emphasising that the ideas of the ancient Greek sages for democracy and the rule of law inspired the leaders of the American revolution to proceed with the declaration of independence.

Greece's struggle for independence has won the admiration of the Americans who were watching the heroic efforts of the Greeks, Menendez said, noting that the author of the American Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson, sent a letter to Adamantios Korais expressing his solidarity to the Greek people. Menendez also referred to the American philhellenes who traveled to Greece in order to contribute to the prevalence of freedom.

"Greek independence is an important achievement, a true example of the story of David and Goliath, and I am glad that these Americans were able to play a small role," he said, adding that the United States continues to stand by Greece.

Referring to Turkey, Menendez stressed that he hopes to be a democratic and constructive partner who respects its NATO commitments and the commitments it has made with its neighbours in the region. The United States wants to support efforts in the region to improve relations and ease tensions ... "but we cannot remain silent when Turkey's behaviour escalates tensions."