We will stand by vulnerable groups, Skertsos says

We will stand by vulnerable groups, Skertsos says

"We stand by - and we have proved this - every population group that is vulnerable, economically or socially. For two years now we have been at their side and we provide, we plan and we implement policies to support vulnerable incomes," State Minister Akis Skertsos said on Monday in an interview with Skai TV.

He reminded that "we have proceeded with reductions in taxes, insurance contributions, we have a policy of reducing VAT on specific categories of goods."

"All this contributes to an increase of disposable income so that there is more money in the pocket of each household to be able to manage daily life. There will be announcements at the Thessaloniki International Fair, we are in an upward cycle of the economy. This means that we have growth rates, increased employment, more jobs. We will have an increase in income, we will also have an increase in demand," he added.

He also noted that "the government is not an observer, it intervenes where it is needed. It carries out specific interventions to protect the disposable income of citizens. We are talking about an international phenomenon ... We will deal with all this with sensitivity, there will be interventions and announcements by the prime minister."