Pavlopoulos stresses Greece's highly upgraded role in the region

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Pavlopoulos stresses Greece's highly upgraded role in the region

President of the Hellenic Republic Prokopios Pavlopoulos on Wednesday stressed Greece's "highly upgraded" role, at a moment when its geostrategic position is at its peak, as a trusted, loyal partner of the EU and NATO.

Pavlopoulos was speaking at the graduation ceremony of candidate embassy attaches.

"Greece's role is not only a great advantage. It is also our country's obligation because under the current circumstances, due to the instability in our region as a result of the volatility in Southeastern Europe, mainly due to the developments in the Eastern Mediterranean, Greece as a member of the international community, a member-state of the European Union, is and must be a guarantor of international and European legitimacy," he said, addressing the young diplomats.

The President of the Republic clarified that "we have to defend international and common European legitimacy because it is threatened by arbitrariness in the international community, including our neighbours in some cases." In this context, referring in particular to Turkey, he said that "through arrogance or ignorance, they have confused the 'law of force', something that does not exist, with the force of law. And that is what we are opposed to."

Referring to Greece's importance for NATO, because of its stability, he said that this "allows the country to have a say and not to feel alone in terms of how it defends its own national beliefs. This is also the case with the EU. There is confidence," he added.

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