First White Arrow to arrive in Thessaloniki on Jan 18

First White Arrow to arrive in Thessaloniki on Jan 18

The first of the five first generation trains under the name White Arrow that brings TRAINOSE to Greece will arrive in Thessaloniki from Italy on January 18.

The first trip with passengers will be held on the route Athens-Thessaloniki on March 25 on the occasion of the 200-year anniversary from the Greek Revolution against the Ottoman Rule in 1821.

As the company's CEO Professor Filippos Tsalidis said to the Athens Macedonian News Agency, the new trains that can travel with up to 200 km speed will be delivered gradually to the Greek railway network after the completion of trial trips.

The new trains have nine carriages, one of them is a bar and restaurant. There will be three first class carriages and four of economic class. Every train will be able to carry over 600 passengers and will be supplied with all the high standards and amenities, even better of an aeroplane, for a fast and comfortable trip.

Taking into account the present conditions of the Greek railway network which is constantly improved, the new train will be able to reach 160 km per hour and the route Athens-Thessaloniki will be covered in three hours and a quarter instead of four hours that is today.

The cost of the investment reaches 52 million euros.