Amphipolis: The tomb hides two more levels at its depth (pics)

Amphipolis: The tomb hides two more levels at its depth (pics)

The funerary monument of Amphipolis continues to amaze - Although the archaeologists consider important the removal of the soil in the third chamber, the interest of all is focused on the fourth chamber.

The archaeologists removed the soil from the third chamber on Monday, in an attempt to enter the chamber and start the support works. So far, there is information that the fourth chamber is downhill, but according to information from the, the tomb still hides two levels beneath.

In particular, before about 15 days, a seismographic tomography was made by experts, which showed that the "road" to the burial chamber is downhill and leads to two lower levels.

Also, geological search in the third chamber, by drilling with hand drill, showed that there is also a fourth doorway with a 96 cm opening. The existence of more chambers was predicted by Mr. Lazarides, the first archaeologist who excavated the Kasta hill.

As has already become known through announcements of the Ministry of Culture, there is indication that the fourth gate after the staircase which is estimated that exists in the third chamber, does not just lead to another lower level, but in a different construction pattern of the building.

The professor of Geo-informatics, Konstantinos Papatheodorou, (who did a research to the mound with GPR four years ago), hinted, talking on the show "MEGA Weekend", that there are more chambers in the memorial, of those we know today.

He also said that if the precinct will not excavated in whole, we will not have the whole picture. "We have a lot to see; I think that we have seen nothing yet - I feel that it should be something considerably more than some chambers and some areas," he said.

Furthermore, Professor Kyriazis Pitilakis geotechnical engineering, speaking in the same show, did not rule out to find more chambers, as the excavation progresses towards the center of the tomb.

Paliadeli: "It is not a woman's tomb"

"Right now we lack of data on the funerary monument of Amphipolis" said Chrysoula Paliadeli professor at the Aristotle University.

The archaeologist and professor at the Aristotle University, Mrs. Paliadeli spoke once again about the excavations at Amphipolis and expressed the belief that it is still too early to determine who is buried in the tomb.

Specifically Mrs Paliadeli said at the morning show of "Mega" that there is no evidence to suggest that the tomb is for a woman and the caryatids are not proof for this.

"Nothing confirms that is a woman's grave, so in my estimation we should wait for the results of the excavation. If we find bones we can possibly recognize the sex of the dead, and we can identify DNA, dietary habits and age", said the archaeologist, challenging the theories of her colleagues who talk about women's grave because of the Caryatids found in the first chamber.

Finally she said: "We must arm ourselves with patience. If we find an inscription inside the tomb, the mystery will be solved soon, otherwise the debate will continue for years".