President Pavlopoulos addresses conference in Cyprus

President Pavlopoulos addresses conference in Cyprus

Greek President Prokopios Pavlopoulos on Tuesday addressed the conference "Presidential Republic vs. Presidential Parliamentary Republic" held in Cyprus.

"There is no system of organising the form of the regime which could serve as a model to be adopted by every people and every state as 'ideal','" Pavlopoulos underlined.

On the contrary, he stressed that when we talk about an "ideal" system of state organisation, above all, "we must think about what people it is meant for, according to their disposition and tradition." He also noted that the historical context within which this system is implemented should also be taken into account.

For Greece, the President suggested "not adopting the idea of direct election of the president by the people, especially with strengthened powers, as this would possibly lead to a constitutionally problematic turn of the regime in the direction of a Presidential Republic."

Source: amna-mpa