PM Tsipras proposes extension of Brexit process until March 2020

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PM Tsipras proposes extension of Brexit process until March 2020

European leaders have to decide on the issue of Brexit by taking into account their historical and political responsibility, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said, according to government sources, at the extraordinary European Council while he said he is in favour of the extension of the Brexit process until March 2020.

Tsipras pointed out that the European Union has always been in favour of finding a common place through consensus and flexibility, according to the same sources.

He also referred to the need to de-dramatise the Brexit adding that the deadline of May 26 is pressing. If the United Kingdom does not come to an agreement, it will participate in the European elections and this will be considered a great defeat for Brexit fans and perhaps even the beginning of the end for Brexit itself.

He then raised the rhetorical question of what the European Union's goal is: to reinforce or rule out this possibility.

Tsipras argued that it cannot be forgotten that the United Kingdom is the only country in Europe where there is such a massive movement in favour of the EU, with six million signatures and thousands of citizens demonstrating, while in many member states there are only movements against the EU.

Source: ana-mpa



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