The percentages of the parties compared with previous euro-elections: the winners and losers

The percentages of the parties compared with previous euro-elections: the winners and losers

Bucking the trend elsewhere in the European Union, turnout for Sunday's European elections was slightly lower in Greece, dropping to 58.44 pct of registered voters in 2019 from 59.33 pct in 2014.

The elections also delivered swingeing cuts in electoral support for far-right Golden Dawn, the Independent Greeks (ANEL) and the Potami party and a massive 10.5 pct increase in the share of main opposition New Democracy.

The ruling SYRIZA party saw its share of the vote decline by 3 pct compared with the European elections of 2014, from 26.56 pct of votes to 23.8 pct of votes in 2019, while retaining the six seats it had won in the EU parliament.

ND, by contrast, increased its share of the vote from 22.72 pct in 2014 to 33.24 pct in 2019, gaining two extra seats in this election.

The centre-left coalition Movement for Change (Kinima Allagis - KINAL) also saw an erosion of its percentage by 0.4 percentage points compared to its "ideological predecessor" ELIA in the previous European elections, slipping to 7.6 pct from ELIA's 8.02 pct though retaining the two seats won by ELIA.

The Communist Party of Greece (KKE) also slipped from 6.11 pct in 2014 to 5.49 pct of the vote in 2019 but still gets two seats in the European Parliament.

Far right Golden Dawn saw its support roughly halved, to 4.85 pct and just two seats in the EuroParliament in 2019 from 9.39 pct and three seats in 2014.

Hard on its heels was right-wing newcomer Elliniki Lysis, which participated in elections for the first time and received 4.12 pct of the vote and one seat.

The last party to gain a seat in the European Parliament was MeRA25 (Diem25 in Europe), which was also participating in the European elections for the first time and got 3.04 pct of the vote.

Losers were the Potami party, whose percentage collapsed to 1.58 pct in 2019 from 6.61 pct in the 2014 euro-elections, losing both its seats in the European Parliament, and SYRIZA's former coalition partner Independent Greeks (ANEL), which received just 0.8 pct of the vote, down 85 pct from 3.46 pct in 2014, and also loses its one MEP.

Source: ana-mpa