Mitsotakis: United Europe the winner at the recent EU summit

Mitsotakis: United Europe the winner at the recent EU summit

"Your decision to impose the use of a face mask in parliament is medically correct and symbolically imperative," Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Wednesday , addressing parliament's president during a debate on the finance ministry's draft bill.

"We are in the process of managing what some call the second wave of pandemic in Europe - it has not appeared here. It is necessary to follow the advice of doctors and wear a mask where it is mandatory. We have the obligation here in parliament to be the first to set a good example," he said.

Mitsotakis stressed that "today is my first appearance in Parliament after the historic decision in Brussels to set up the Recovery Fund, Europe's response to the impact of the coronavirus and its answer to those who rushed to question its power to overcome differences. The result of the four-day summit had one winner: a united and solidary Europe."

"Greece is one of the winners of the agreement. If we add the resources of the multiannual financial framework, [the agreement for Greece] translates into 72 billion euros," Mitsotakis said.

"Let me remind you that we were one of the first, the leading countries of this effort. I had signed a letter with eight heads of state and government asking Europe to take this bold step. Four months ago this step would have seemed to many like a science fiction scenario. And yet we came to the success of Brussels. And we, in our own way, have added our own little stone to this success."

"The essence of the Recovery Fund, i.e. the issuance of common debt, was not disputed. The Fund is not just Europe's response to a virus. It also marks the abolition of a political taboo that was the assistance of European states via capital with mutual guarantees. This is a historic moment for the development and deepening of the EU. These days, other parliaments are discussing this huge step," Mitsotakis added.

"There is no additional memorandum for the disbursement of these funds, the conditions are the same for the 27 EU members. The challenge is something more than a temporary relief. It is to direct actions with a developmental, multiplicative effect. To transform the next-generation EU into next-generation Hellas," the prime minister stressed.

"A favorable regime is introduced for foreign retirees to transfer their tax obligations to Greece. We align with other European countries, e.g. Portugal," the prime minister stated.

He added that the second wave of regulation strengthens the income protection policies for households and businesses impacted by the coronavirus. This includes the implementation of the reduction, which can be lowered as much as zero, of the tax advance for 2019.

Source: ana-mpa