New Democracy party cancels all events where people gather

New Democracy party cancels all events where people gather

The ruling New Democracy party on Friday announced the suspension of all planned party events bringing people together in both indoor and outdoor spaces, advising other political parties to do the same.

"Working together we achieved a small 'miracle' in the last months, receiving worldwide recognition for our management of the pandemic. Complacency does not become us, especially now when that we are, with rapid but steady steps, regaining the lost ground in the economy," the party announcement noted, adding that health safety measures like masks and social distancing must continue to be observed until there is a widely available vaccine and treatment for the virus.

"At the present time, the priorities change. We choose to communicate from a distance, even though human contact is irreplaceable. The message of vigilance and responsibility becomes even stronger when institutions, such as parties, take initiatives of this kind. We live safely with the coronavirus, drastically restricting its spread," the party added.

Source: ana-mpa