Group of 90 asylum seekers with sick children depart for Germany

Group of 90 asylum seekers with sick children depart for Germany
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Ninety more asylum seekers departed from migrant hotspots on the Greek islands for Germany on Friday, according to a migration and asylum ministry announcement. 

They were all members of families with children that have serious health problems.

Germany has offered to receive 243 children that suffer from serious health problems and reside in the migrant facilities on the islands, along with their family members, for a total of 928 people. The first transfer of asylum seekers in this category, a group of more than 80, was made on July 24.

Alternate Migration and Asylum Minister Giorgos Koumoutsakos stated: "Greek-German cooperation on the migration issue proves that when there is political will and professionalism, the principle of solidarity is translated into applied and effective political action."

Germany's Ambassador to Greece, Ernst Reichel, said: "We are continuing the reception of sick children and children that need hospital care from the islands of the Eastern Aegean. In this way we are providing a clear demonstration of European solidarity. On the difficult path toward a common European asylum policy, the solidarity of all EU partners is absolutely essential."

Source: ana-mpa