Petsas: Measures will intensify to prevent spread of coronavirus in the community

Petsas: Measures will intensify to prevent spread of coronavirus in the community

On the course of the pandemic in Greece, Petsas said that the situation remains crucial. He noted that the figures cited by the National Public Health Organisation on Wednedsday show that rates of positivity for coronavirus in many parts of northern Greece remain very high, especially when the area had been in a state of lockdown for weeks.

This proved that citizens in many parts of Greece were more relaxed about the protection measures than the situation demanded, Petsas said, adding that this relaxed attitude would lead to a delay in the lifting of the lockdown. The government, in order to reduce the spread of the coronavirus in the community, is adopting additional measures, he added.

In terms of the gateways into Greece by road, Petsas announced that from Friday at 06:00 the border post at Krystallopigi will close, with the border crossings at Kakavia, Evzones and Promachonas remaining open on the northern borders and only trucks allowed to pass through the Nymfea border post.

Those entering the country, apart from a mandatory negative COVID-19 test taken in the last 72 hours, will also undergo a rapid test administered by National Public Health Organisation teams, and only those found negative will be permitted to continue their trip to Greece and the destination listed on their Passenger Locator Form.

Secondly, concerning the epidemiological burden in northern Greece, he said that police checks on people's movements and in workplaces will intensify as the number of cases in the region remains high.

Source: ana-mpa