The end of lockdown has to be done very warily, Theodorikakos says

The end of lockdown has to be done very warily, Theodorikakos says

Interior Minister Takis Theodorikakos on Friday announced a 120-installment scheme for paying off debts to municipalities, in an interview with Skai TV. He said the relevant legislation will be tabled in Parliament and will concern both indebted citizens and businesses.

Referring to the coronavirus, he noted that the battle against it can be won "only with unity, with everyone showing democratic discipline and social solidarity."

Asked if additional measures would be taken, he replied that "whatever needs to be done will be done," that the situation is monitored and "all the measures needed to protect human life will be taken."

Regarding the end of the lockdown, Theodorikakos stressed that "it is wrong to count down to Christmas day. We spent Easter at home. The good news is that human lives are being saved. And at Easter, thanks to the disciplined effort of all Greeks and the decisions of the state, we had no losses. The challenge for all of us is to implement the plan of the state and the experts in a coordinated way. And if we want to count down, we should count down to the day we get the vaccines in Greece, for which we have ensured that we will be among the first in Europe to receive them and which will be given free of charge to the citizens. With 60 dead a day, we must all be extremely cautious about the end of the lockdown..."