Dendias: The US recognizes Greece's strategic position

Dendias: The US recognizes Greece's strategic position

The United States recognizes the "strategic position of our country, as well as the stabilizing role we play in the wider region," Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias said on Sunday said in an interview with newspaper "To Vima."

Dendias is expected to visit Washington next week to sign the Second Protocol of Amendment to the Mutual Defense Cooperation Agreement.

He noted that this is happening at a time when the US strategic and military footprint is being transformed and transferred. According to Dendias, the US is now investing in temporary presence in the territory of other countries, not on a permanent basis, while distancing itself from Europe, and European countries are now willing to pay in order to maintain the US presence in their territory.

"Greece is the exception to this trend," he said, adding that "our strategic relationship with the United States has reached another level, it is at its highest point. The new agreement is the culmination of this unique relationship."

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