Extension of lockdown to February 1 and relevant measures published in Government Gazette

Extension of lockdown to February 1 and relevant measures published in Government Gazette

The extension of all the current safety restrictions and measures against the coronavirus by another week to February 1, as announced on Friday evening by Deputy Minister for Civil Protection & Crisis Management Nikos Hardalias, was on Saturday published in the Government Gazette.

The overnight curfew (21:00-05:00), the SMS outing permits and the obligatory wearing of face masks at all indoor and outdoor public spaces are thus extended to Monday, February 1.

The maximum number of passengers in taxis now goes up to 2 (besides the driver), from the current 1.

Game hunting and fishing are also prohibited for another week, except in the regions of Evros, Rodopi and Xanthi, where the hunting of wild boar will be allowed in the context of preventing the spread of African swine fever, he noted.

Local branches of the Greek Organization of Football Prognostics S.A. (OPAP) will reopen on Monday February 1.

The additional restrictions at the regions of Argolis, the local communities of Anthili in the municipalities of Lamieon and Paleokastro at the Sitia-Lasithi municipalities in Crete will be lifted on Monday.

Extra measures, however, will take effect at a Roma community in the Distio municipality, at the Kimi-Aliveri municipality, Evia, as of Saturday January 23 and until Monday February 1.

Current restrictions in effect at the regions of Boeotia, Lesvos, and at the municipalities of Sparta, Eordea, are also extended to February 1, as they are also at the community of Krokos in the Kozani municipality, and the municipalities of Siatista, at the Voios region in Kozani.

Extended thus are also the extra measures at Aspropyrgos municipality in West Attica, and at the Acharnes municipality in East Attica. At Acharnes, news cases went up to 175 from the 166 registered there last week.

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