Mitsotakis to outline 'growth for all' programme


Mitsotakis to outline 'growth for all' programme

Following the positive impact of his international meetings and aiming to maintain the momentum of his election victory, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis is heading to Thessaloniki on Friday for the Thesalloniki International Fair (TIF).

Kyriakos Mitsotakis does not see the TIF as a forum of promises, as it was the case the previous years, but as a step to develop his central economic programme. The prime minister will outline the government's plan approved by the citizens on July 7 including lower taxes for all and creating new and well-paid jobs while ensuring security in every part of the Greek territory.

According to government sources, the central slogan is "growth for all". The prime minister will show how his plan is already translating into tangible results. The "growth for all" will come from a combination of things, that the prime minister will explain in his speech at TIF.

The first part involves unblocking existing large investments and attracting new ones. In this context, three flagship projects will attract investors to Greece: It is Cosco's investment in Piraeus, Eldorado Gold's investment, Hellas Gold in Halkidiki and the former Helleniko airport project.

The second part is about removing obstacles to growth. "This has to do with the growth bill, which is expected to be discussed in the coming days," the government spokesman said in an interview with Skai TV on Thursday.

Regarding the issue of primary surpluses, Prime Minister's associates reiterated what Kyriakos Mitsotakis said in the 2018 TIF: "I want to reduce primary surpluses and I will do so after I gain credibility and start implementing my reform plan. What does this mean? That we will meet the 3.5 pct target in 2019 and plan the 2020 budget in line with the 3.5 pct GDP target, so that by 2020, we will have gained credibility with the reform plan we are implementing, and reduce the primary surplus target to more realistic levels, close to 2 pct in 2021."

The Prime Minister's programme in Thessaloniki is as follows:

Friday, September 6

19:00 Briefing from Fraport executives on the progress of projects at the airport

19:30 Meeting with the National Team of the Blind during their training

20:45 Meeting with Thessaloniki Mayor Konstantinos Zervas at MET Hotel

21:30 Meeting with journalists at "Electra Palace" hotel

Saturday, September 7

10:00 Meeting with the TIF BoD and the BoD of the TIF employees

10:30-13:15 Visits to TIF kiosks

13:20 Visit to the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

20:00 Prime Minister's Speech at the Vellidio Congress Centre

Sunday, September 8

13:00 Prime Minister's Press Conference

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