High number of cases still caused by laxity, says 13th Covid-19 progress report

High number of cases still caused by laxity, says 13th Covid-19 progress report

"The high number of COVID-19 cases continues to be the result of laxity in observing social distancing rules," according to the 13th progress report on COVID-19. As it is noted "the stabilisation is probably the result of measures for the use of face masks and to the greater restrictions applied in areas with many cases.

However, the conditions continue to demand heightened vigilance, because the epidemic will possibly show an upward trend in the future".

The report, which provides details on the cases, tests and population movements, underlined that the extensive spread of the virus among younger people is worrying and that it is revealed by the higher percentage of cases aged under 40, as well as the large number of relatively younger patients that have been intubated, which has lowered the average age of those intubated due to Covid-19 to 39 years old.

While the majority of new cases detected had mild or no symptoms, the burden placed on the health system was higher than in the previous report, with ICUs and high dependency units at 23 pct capacity.

The number of those treated in ICUs each day has increased from 31 to 38 and the average number of deaths to four.

The highest number of cases are located in the region of Attica and the rest are spread throughout Greece.

According to the available international data, Greece continues to be in a comparatively better shape as regards the number of deaths from COVID-19, where it ranks 111th worldwide with just 26 death per million citizens when the international average is 113.7 deaths per million citizens.

Source: ana-mpa

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