What does Soros seek in Athens?

What does Soros seek in Athens?

The dinner with 60 politicians, businessmen and ship-owners - The secret appointments and the deals which the international speculator wants to make.

"What is the fox doing in the coop?" wonder many, after the frequent visits and contacts with Greek politicians and businessmen, of the known major investor, George Soros.

One of his last hidden meetings took place last Thursday where he participated as a keynote speaker at a "secret dinner" held at the ballroom of a central hotel, in Athens.

The old acquaintance and friend of George Papandreou came for about ten hours in Greece and in that time managed to see a multitude of politicians and businessmen, mainly ship-owners!

The content of the meetings, held - as expected - as a closely guarded secret, but it is more than likely that the known speculator did not come by accident.

Despite the fact that the whole happening was attempted to be keep out of the limelight, however, two newspapers - the "PARON" and the "Ethnos" - published details of what Mr. Soros said and for the guests who participated in the reception.

Of particular interest is the fact that in the meeting were present leading government ministers, bankers, prominent members of PASOK and several ship-owners!
The dinner lasted 2:30 hours and George Soros, who was the keynote speaker, spoke for half an hour and then apologized for leaving but as he pointed out had an important conference call.

Before dinner, Mr. Soros met with Greek politicians and businessmen and according to the report, in addition to general questions George Soros made specialized questions which revealed that he is considering investing in our country.

Of course, has not been yet revealed the person who organized the "last supper", the person who sent the invitations to those who attended and why there were no representatives of all opposition parties.

George Soros spoke about the problem causing to the banks, the political interference. He said that he does not believe to the European central mechanism for banking supervision, as his own analysis says that it will not work properly, since he believes that politicians will interfere.

However, he surprised his audience when argued that the euro will stay upright, while previously believed that the euro-zone will not last.

The major investor said that we should take decisions that will promote growth in Europe and expressed fears arising from deflation. He noted further that the strong euro is affecting exports and therefore the European economy and expressed the view that should be taken measures to offset the loss of income of European citizens.

However, Mr. Soros has avoided to be mentioned in the course of the Greek economy, despite that he was asked repeatedly. Obviously, he does not concern about the issues related to the difficult situation experienced by Greek citizens.

His main concerns revolve around the elections, both for the European parliament as for the municipal elections. Besides, it is known to the journalists, his preference to specific candidates for major cities of the country, which he supports in "anyway"!

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